LDAP Authentication

Yeti’s web-interface may use LDAP in order to authnticate users.

Copy configuration from example file

# cp /opt/yeti-web/config/ldap.yml.dist /opt/yeti-web/config/ldap.yml

and edit it

  host: yeti-host.com
  port: 389
  ssl: false
  attribute: uid
  base: ou=employees,dc=yeti,dc=com
  group_base: ou=groups,dc=yeti,dc=com
    - ["member", "cn=yeti,ou=groups,dc=yeti,dc=com"]
  • host - address of LDAP server

  • port - port of LDAP server

  • ssl - enable/disable SSL

  • attribute - name of attribute which contains user login

  • base - base DN where YETI will try find users

  • group_base - base DN where YETI will try find groups

  • required_groups - array of groups where user must present

  • member - attribute where group stored

  • cn=yeti,ou=groups,dc=yeti,dc=com - group

After editing file, restart YETI web interface

# systemctl restart yeti-web