Internal disconnect codes

Calls can be disconnected due to many reasons. Some calls can be disconnected even before any attempt of routing.

Internal disconnect codes divided into 2 classes by their sources:

  1. Traffic Manager
    Initiator of disconnection is traffic management layer. It can be failed authorization, no appropriate route, etc.
  2. Traffic Switch
    Initiator of disconnection is traffic switch. It can be various low-level exceptions, codecs negotiation errors, protocols errors, timeouts, etc.

Initiator of disconnection is written in CDR to the field Disconnect Initiator.

Possible values for Disconnect Initiator:

  • Traffic Manager (database)
  • Traffic Switch (node)
  • Termination (call terminated by callee)
  • Origination (call terminated by caller)

Next sections contains typical internal disconnect codes

Traffic Manager disconnect codes

No response from LNP DB

LNP database no responded in-time.

Call dropped with such reason if DROP CALL IF LNP FAIL=TRUE in Global configuration

Source number blacklisted
Source blacklist enabled at customer auth record. And source number found in blacklist.
Destination number blacklisted
Destination blacklist enabled at customer auth record. And destination number found in blacklist.
Not enough customer balance
Customer account has not enough money
No routes
System can’t route a call because no appropriate routes found
Rejected by destination
Destination used by call has flag Reject Calls
Cant find destination prefix
System can’t find appropriate destination in rateplan
Cant find customer or customer locked
Call not authenticated. You need add Customer Auth record.

Traffic Switch disconnect codes

Internal Error $code
Node generated internal error and there is no appropriate entry in database. In other words: internal error were not resolved. It’s a bug or versions mismatch between node and database.
Ringing timeout
Timeout of the timer which was set with appropriate gateway attribute
SDP inv streams types
Stream type in answer differ from appropriate stream type in offer
SDP invalid streams count
Streams number in answer differ from offered streams number
SDP empty answer
Got SDP without streams.
SDP parsing failed
Malformed SDP body. Check SIP traces and node debug logs for details.
SDP processing exception
Something happened during parsed SDP processing. Check SIP traces and node debug logs for details.
Codecs not matched
No intersection between codecs in codec group and codecs in SDP offer.
Codecs group $cg not found
Codec group with id $cg is not configured on node. Usually it means that codec groups on the node are not not synchronized with database. You have to reload codecs group from cli or restart node. Also check reload events propagation.
SIP transaction timeout
SIP timer B fired
Session Timeout
Sip Session Timer timeout
Timeout of PRACK for 100 Trying on enabled rel100
Timeout of ACK for any response
Rtp timeout
No RTP detected for call on configured interval. see gateways.
db base exception
Node got exception from database on routing request. Check node and database logs.
db conversion exception
Node got conversion exception from database backend. Check node logs.
db broken connection
Node can’t connect to database. Check node alarms and database state
failed to get active connection
Node failed to get database connection from connections pool within configured time interval. Check the connection to the database and load on the system.
profile evaluation failed
Evaluation of one of call profiles received from database failed. This error can be generated on resources or outbound interface evaluation.
read from tuple failed
Mandatory field missed in tuple from database. Check node debug logs.
empty response from database
Database returned 0 rows. Bug in management layer.
no such prepared query
It’s definitely a bug. Prepared queries differs from tried to invoke. Please, collect logs and contact with developers.
cant parse Contact in req
Failed to parse Contact header in initial INVITE request. Check traces and node logs for details.
cant parse To in req
Failed to parse To header in initial INVITE request. Check traces and node logs for details.
cant parse From in req
Failed to parse From header in initial INVITE request. Check traces and node logs for details.
Radius response timeout
No response received from RADIUS server
Radius request error
YETI can’t send request(socket error, etc)
Invalid radius profile
Invalid radius profile configured
Invalid radius response
RADIUS responce has unexpected format
Radius reject
RADIUS servers send Access-Reject