Module di_log

The di_log module provides a ring buffer logging facility which on request dumps the ring buffer contents either as result of the DI call or in a file on HD. dumping the ring buffer can be invoked via JSONRPC interface (for example remotely from the stats module). Ring buffer size and string length can be customized at compile time, see DILog.h. di_log module allows to run sems with logleve=3(debug) in production without significant performance loss.

module "di_log" {
    loglevel = debug
loglevel (since sems-modules-base 1.54.0)

min loglevel for messages to save. could be integer or text representation of the messages logging level. possible values: 0,error,1,warn,2,info,3,debug

JSONRPC methods

di_log provides JSONRPC method core.request.log.dump to save ring buffer content on disk.