User’s profile

User’s profile allows to review and edit details of Admin User that is currently logged in. You can see following parameters of the user:

  • id - Unique User’s id.;

  • username - Unique User’s name.;

  • email - Unique User’s id.;

  • sing in count - Current authorization sequence number;

  • current sign in at - Date & Time of current authorization;

  • last sign in at - Date & Time of the last authorization (before current);

  • current sign in IP - IP address from that the current authorization was made;

  • last sign in IP - IP address from that the last authorization (before current) was made;

  • enabled - Status of current user (always Yes if you can see this page);

  • group - ROOT for user that was created by Yeti by default and ADMIN for the users that were created from Yeti Web Interface. ROOT user could have access for editing other Admin Users;

  • updated at - Date & Time of the last updating of current User’s profile;

  • created at - Date & Time of the creation of current User’s profile;

  • ssh key - SSH key that is used for authentication (Empty - if SSH key doesn’t used);

  • visible columns - TODO;

  • per page - Numbers of entities for different objects that will be shown in the Working Area during the listing;

  • saved filters - List of the permanent filters that were saved by user via enabling Persist checkbox in the top-right part of Filters section in different object-lists.

For editing details of current Admin User you should press button Edit Admin User in the top-right corner of the Working Area.