Databases performance tuningΒΆ

By default Postgresql RDBMS configured to consume minimal system resources. This approach allows Postgresql to start on any server after installation. YETI as well as any other system uses Postgresql requires changing default configuration in order to archive best performance.

We recommends to change next configuration variables at /etc/postgresql/13/yeti/postgresql.conf

shared_buffers = 10GB
work_mem = 8MB
fsync = on
checkpoint_timeout = 50min

Set shared_buffers variable to 1/3 of total RAM installed to server if you share this server with some another application. For example we recommends install yeti-web on same server as routing database. If your server is dedicated for postgresql set shared_buffers to 2/3 of your RAM.

When configuration changed you should restart your postgresql instance using service postgresql restart

See also

Read Postgresql manual to understand postgresql architecture and features