Jobs are used for review schedulers of some regular procedures that are executed by system or could be executed manually. You could press “Run” link for execute some procedure or “Unlock” in case of some problems during its execution. Following procedures are available:

  • CdrPartitioning - procedure of creating new tables for storing CDRs;
  • EventProcessor - procedure of sending Events to the SEMS;
  • CdrBatchCleaner - procedure of removing old batches of information from temporary table in Routing Database;
  • CdrArchiving - procedure of moving tables with CDRs from History to Archive. CDRs are moved to CDR Archive after some period of time that is regulated by CDR Archive Delay parameter from Global Configurations.;
  • CallsMonitoring - procedure that is used for periodical (once per minute) calculation of cost for all active calls for each Account and comparison their cost with current Account Balance. If account balance is less than cost of all active calls for the Account all calls will be dropped by Yeti. This procedure also is used for calculating statistics for Dushboard and Active calls;
  • StatsClean - procedure of removing statistics that are used for calculation of quality parameters (ACD, ASR and Short Calls) for Gateways and Dialpeers;
  • StatsAggregation - procedure of aggregation of the data about calls for the graphs;
  • Invoice - procedure of Invoice generation according to periods that were configured in the settings of Accounts.
  • ReportScheduler - procedure of Reports generation according to stored Schedulers;
  • TerminationQualityCheck - procedure of checking of the quality parameters of Dialpeers. Dialpeer will be locked in case of overcoming of threshold for quality parameters (Acd Limit, Asr Limit or Short Calls Limit) of the Dialpeer.
  • DialpeerRatesApply - procedure of applying New Rates for Dialpeers and Destinations.
  • AccountBalanceNotify - procedure of sending Account Balance Notifications.

Job‘s properties:

Job’s id.
Name of procedure for this Job.
Textual description of procedure.
Period of time when this Job was executed last time.
Running status (Yes or No) of this Job.