List of YETI nodes connected to current cluster. Every node represents independent installation of YETI-SEMS, which communicate to management interface via RPC protocol.

Node‘s attributes:

Node’s id.
Node’s name.
Point of presence. Might be useful for logic grupping of nodes (different data-centers, as example).
Signalling ip
IP address of node.
Signaling port
Network port for sending SIP-packets (dafault value 5060).
Rpc endpoint
IP address and port on which YETI-SEMS is waiting for RPC connections. Value of this field should have format IP:PORT, for example See SEMS jsonrpc.conf for defails

In view mode user can use next tabs:

Common information about node.
Active Calls Chart
Show the next graphs: - Active calls for 24 hours. - Calls count for month.
Comments of user for current node.