RealTime information about current state of the Nodes (independent installations of YETI-SEMS).

Node’s filtering parameters:


Node’s name. It is possible to use statement for this field (contains, equals, starts with, ends with).


Point of Presence (PoP) that will be used for filtering Nodes. In case of specification - only Nodes that are related to selected PoP will be shown. For monitoring Nodes from all Points of Presence, please, choose “Any” in this field.

Node’s properties:


Node’s name.

Active Calls Count

Count of active calls that a currently going via Node.


Version of SEMS that is used on Node.

Shutdown Req Time

Time for requesting shutdown of the Node. This is time for planned shutdown (or restart) of software. During period before this Time new calls will be rejected by the Node. If this field is empty Node is working in normal mode.

Sessions Num

General amount of active sessions between Yeti and Gateways.


Time from last reboot for this Node.