Rateplan is tariff used for call originator billing. Each Rateplans can include multiple Destinations that are used for describing billing rates and mode for specific call destination(based on prefix).

Rateplan’s attributes:


Unique Rateplan’s identifier.


Unique name of Rateplan.

Profit Control Mode
Per call

In this mode Yeti will route calls only in case of receiving some profit from the call or not unprofitable calls. If this mode was chosen Yeti will select Dialpeers (for routing the call) where price is less or equal (<=) than the price in the Destination that was applied for this call.

No Control

In this mode Yeti won’t control of receiving profit from the call (without comparison price in the applied Destination and price in the chosen Dialpeer).

Send Quality Alarms To

This field is used for choosing Contact that will be used for sending Quality notifications about all calls that are related to the Destinations from this Ratepalan. Quality notifications configuration is described in the Destination’s attributes description.