Global configuration

The page contains global parameters of YETI.

Global configuration’s attributes:

Rows Per Page

This option affords to change drop-down ‘Per page’ element, which is exists on every list-type page in YETI. You can add additional values to that drop-down list if default values ‘30,50,100’ are not sufficient.

CDR Unload Dir

Directory where YETI unload CDR tables on the CDR -> Tables page.

CDR Unload URI

URL for external CDR viewer program. YETI redirects to that program from CDR -> Tables page when user press Unloaded files button.

Max Records

Maximum amount of records which YETI can save to CSV file on every list-type page (Download: CSV button at the bottom of page).

Import Max Threads

Number of threads for import from CSV process.

Import Helpers Dir

Helper directory where YETI saves temporary files during import from CSV process.

Active Calls Require Filter

Requre any filter on the RT data -> Active Calls page.

Registrations Require Filter

Require any filter on the RT data -> Outgoing Registrations page.

Active Calls Show Chart

If true YETI shows chart of active calls on the RT data -> Active Calls page.

Active Calls Autorefresh Enable

If true YETI will refresh RT data -> Active Calls page every 20 seconds.

Max Call Duration

Global parameter of maximum call duration (seconds).

Random Disconnect Enable

If true YETI will randomly disconnect calls whose duration more than Random Disconnect Length by sendind BYE message to parties.

Random Disconnect Length

Duration of calls (seconds) which YETI will disconnect if Random Disconnect Enable enabled.

Drop Call If LNP Fail

If true YETI drops calls if request to LNP database is not successful.


Time to life of LNP cache (seconds).

LNP E2E Timeout

Timeout for requests to LNP database (seconds). YETI will drop calls if Drop Call If LNP Fail enabled and timeout expired or bad response returned.

Short Call Length

User may decide which calls are ‘short’ by this settings (seconds). It involves Short Calls filter button on the CDR -> CDR History page.

Termination Stats Window

Interval (hours) for generating of stats for gateway or dialpeer (Short Window Stats panel on page of every gateway or dialpeer).

Quality Control Min Calls

Minimum number of calls for building Quality Control statistics.

Quality Control Min Duration

Total duration of calls for building Quality Control statistics.