Gateway groups

Gateway group allows to use multiple gateways for traffic termination to the same vendor. Yeti will load-balance calls between gateways in same gateway group basing on gateways priority/weight. To terminate calls to Gateway group you should configure dialpeer to point to gateway group instead of gateway.

Gateway group’s attributes:


Unique gateway group id.


Unique gateways group name.


Gateway group owner. Gateway group should include only gateways with same vendor.

Balancing Mode

Algorithm of call distribution between gateways in this gateway group.
Priority/Weigth balancing - Calls will be distributed based on Gateway priority/weight
Priority/Weigth balancing. Prefer gateways from same POP - Gateways where POP = call POP will be prioritized
Priority/Weigth balancing. Exclude gateways from other POPs - Gateways where POP != call POP will be excluded from routeset