This upgrading flow is not complete and may cause system DOWNTIME

Upgrade instructions

This instructions describe how to upgrade Yeti system from version 1.11 to version 1.12

Upgrade yeti-web package

root@yeti:/# apt update
root@yeti:/# apt install yeti-web

Apply migrations

root@yeti:/# cd /opt/yeti-web
root@yeti:/# su -s /bin/bash yeti-web
root@yeti:/opt/yeti-web# RAILS_ENV=production ./bin/bundle.sh exec rake db:migrate

Restart all components of yeti-web

root@yeti:/# systemctl restart yeti-web yeti-cdr-billing@cdr_billing yeti-cdr-billing@cdr_stats yeti-delayed-job yeti-scheduler

Upgrade SEMS

Upgrade your SEMS nodes to new version. Configuration files format was changed, See sems.conf for details.