Release notes

Changes in 1.12 version

  • Debian 11 support

  • Ruby upgraded to 2.7

  • Rails upgraded to 6.1

  • Network detection fixes

  • CDR Exports added to Admin API

  • IP ACL for Admin user

  • IP auth and username/password caching on SEMS nodes

  • CNAM drivers support

  • Call destination rewriting based on LNP response

  • HttpOnly cookie auth for Customer API

  • New RTP statistics

  • daily partitioning for CDR tables

  • Asynchronous reports

  • Sentry upgrade

  • SRC and DST numbers validation mechanisms

Upgrading to 1.12.79

In yeti-web version 1.12.79 asynchronous CDR statistics calculation was introduced. This new mechanism requires additional configuration after system upgrade.

Enable CDR Stats add configutation for CDR stats process to /opt/yeti-web/config/pgq_processors.yml:

  mode: production
  class: cdr_stat
  stored_procedure: switch.async_cdr_statistics
  syslog_program_name: "yeti-cdr-stats"

Enable CDR Stats pgq processor:

root@yeti:/# systemctl enable yeti-cdr-billing@cdr_stats

Start cdr_stats pgq processor:

root@yeti:/# systemctl start yeti-cdr-billing@cdr_stats