Upgrade instructions

This instuctions describe how to upgrade Yeti system from version 1.9.9 to version 1.10. If you have any other Yeti version you should previously upgrade it to 1.9.9

Shutdown CDR billing process and other pgq-processor consumers

# systemctl stop yeti-cdr-billing@cdr_billing
# systemctl stop yeti-delayed-job

Upgrade yeti-web package to 1.10.0

root@yeti:/# apt update
root@yeti:/# apt install yeti-web=1.10.0

Postgresql 11 installation

You should install postgresql-11 packages, as described at Routing database installation and CDR databases installation and create appropriate databases.

Apply migrations

root@yeti:/# cd /opt/yeti-web
root@yeti:/# su -s /bin/bash yeti-web
root@yeti:/opt/yeti-web# RAILS_ENV=production ./bin/bundle.sh exec rake db:migrate
root@yeti:/opt/yeti-web# RAILS_ENV=production ./bin/bundle.sh exec rake db:second_base:migrate

Restart all components of yeti-web

root@yeti:/# systemctl restart yeti-web
root@yeti:/# systemctl restart yeti-cdr-billing@cdr_billing
root@yeti:/# systemctl restart yeti-delayed-job